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with Skip Archimedes – The Miracle Man

As entrepreneurs, many of us lead very stressful lives. We tend to think that no-one else can do a job as well as we can. More often than not that means that we work very long hours often with no breaks. This leads to us not getting enough rest, eating foods that are bad for us, getting little or no exercise or fresh air and not spending as much time with loved ones as we should. 

All of this is as bad as running a Lamborghini on cooking oil for 24 hours a day without a break and never getting it serviced or cleaned.

You can do that if money is no object and you can just buy a Ferrari to replace it, but you can’t do that with your body and mind. You only get one each of those when you’re born and it has to last you a lifetime. (and getting them repaired can leave you, your business and your bank balance seriously damaged).

Now in truth, many of us deprive ourselves of essential maintenance because we are so passionate about what we do that anything else comes in at a very poor second place to our business. Our business is always top of our priority list. And there’s nothing wrong with that. We wouldn’t be successful if we lived any other way. 

Changing many of our damaging life habits can take total commitment, a lot of new knowledge and the determination to stick to a difficult task over many months, so in this article I’m going to forget about driving sensibly, maintenance and time to re-charge that super-hybrid battery and focus on the proper fuel that you should be putting in that tank. High Octane, Ultimate Premium, Unleaded, High-Performance, 10 Star SuperFuel.


High Performance fuel brings High Performance results, so let’s have a look at what high performance food and nutrition actually means.


Superfood is an overused term nowadays.  All too often we are advised to try the latest flavour of the month. Most of these foods really are super, but as with dieting, we are being encouraged to exclude things from our diet rather than add variety to our intake. By eating only a wide ranging plant-based diet, I believe I’m feeding my body ONLY SUPERFOODS. I personally never count calories. I simply make sure that I eat a wide variety of the right foods whenever I’m hungry, with a few sensible rules thrown in, which I’ll come to later.

So what are the right foods?

I’m talking about foods that have the energy the Sun provides, foods that have the energy of the planet, foods that have weathered different seasons, foods that have a beautiful colour. I’m talking about fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and pulses. We want to eat them as close to their natural state as possible to be able to get the most value from them. I saw a TV program recently where they compared the variety of gut bacteria in a sample of ordinary UK residents with that of a tribe of hunter-gatherers who still live on the plains of Africa. They found that the hunter-gatherers had over 30 different types of bacteria in their guts, while one of the Brits had only 4. And one of the main building blocks of our immune system is a wide variety of bacteria types in our gut.

You may already know that I’m vegan. I have been for many years now for a variety of very good reasons, including health benefits, saving the planet and ethical treatment of animals. (and now because I want to be more like a hunter-gatherer). So my lifestyle does not include consuming any animal products at all, including meat, fish and dairy. But I’m not about to judge anyone’s choices. I’ll just encourage you to consider the benefits of putting only plant-based foods and drinks into your body to help it operate at optimum levels for the good of your health, business, relationships and happiness.

If you want to learn more, I’d love to meet you at one of our many live or virtual events.


I hate talking about what not to eat because I’m all about adding value to everything in life, but here’s the trap. Are you feeding your body what is convenient or traditional instead of what’s nutritional? Not everything that’s fast is bad for you, but there are some pretty obvious no-no’s and here are a few of them. 

Top of the list is anything processed, and that means pretty much anything that comes in a packet. 

A wise man once said “never go beyond the fruit and veg row in the supermarket”. Difficult to stick to, but a pretty good rule of thumb.

Most of the goodness has been destroyed in the manufacture of processed foods and it’s usually jacked up with preservatives to give it shelf life.

Next up is refined sugar, which gets in everywhere including places you would never expect, and it doesn’t give you energy with our mostly sedentary lifestyles, it drains energy and converts to toxins in our bodies.

Alcohol, tobacco and caffeine are all chronic poisons when taken to excess.

They all create acid in the body, which is literally rusting you from the inside out.

This acidic lifestyle is common in many entrepreneurs and that’s why we see so many top achievers breaking down. It shouldn’t be that way.

Regular exercise, increasing your oxygen intake, getting proper rest and having less stress in your life will also help alleviate some of this acidity. But why use these benefits to remove toxins when you could use them to boost your immunity and above all, your business performance?


I know you are a busy person. You wouldn’t be a success if you weren’t. So everything I’m talking about in this article is taken directly from my own very busy life and business schedule. I take pride in walking my talk and I make sure that I apply these basic “rules” to my life at least 80% of the time because I know what happens to my performance if I don’t. Now that doesn’t mean that I never have the odd dip and stray from my ideal line. I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t. And there’s a lot of truth in the old English saying “A little of what you fancy does you good”.

When people say to me “Skip, I’ve seen you at your five day exclusive retreats and you start with the group at 7:30 in the morning and sometimes you don’t go to bed until gone midnight and you’re the only speaker. How do you keep going?” 

I can truthfully say “It’s because my body is alkaline and I’ve got the best fuel in the tank, so my energy is sky high and I don’t break down.”

It’s the same reason I never suffer from jet lag, and it’s why I can still do much of the gymnastics I used to do at the age of 18 now I’m 48.

I get all of that from my high levels of energy. In order to perform at a top level in your skill-set, what you need most of all is energy. You’re made of nothing but energy – the universal energy that creates worlds.  What we want to be able to do is create the best energy within you so you can use that to create a life of miracles. 

Getting Results in a Chaotic World

 Nobody wants just normal results. (for NORMAL read MEDIOCRE). We all want SPECTACULAR results.

With global economies in meltdown, peoples’ immunity breaking down and relationships breaking down, this may appear to be difficult, but the opportunities are all around us to turn the chaos to our advantage. 

To achieve this, each of us needs to change, to adapt and to improve in a massive way.

We need to ignore the chaos in the outside world and take control over what goes on in our inner world, because we CAN have 100% control over that. 

To change anything, you need to learn how to control your thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Even though they sometimes seem to have a life of their own, you CAN control them and bend them to your will, rather than being a slave to them. The brain can often be an idiot, causing emotions to run riot and making us take bad decisions. We need to be able to over-ride it consciously.

Then we can learn to focus our actions in the direction that will allow our life to grow and expand. Then we can start to become more, to attract more and to enjoy life at a higher level. 

This is what differentiates high achievers from ordinary people. Most people live their lives like they’re running a phone with an outdated app. We are constantly reminded to keep our apps updated, but how many do? 

It’s in your own power to update your LIFE APPS at ANY time. NOW is a great time to do it for all your systems.  

Update yourself from a mental, physical and emotional point of view so you can start to get extraordinary results or live what I call, living a life of miracles.

We need to understand that mindset plays a big role in your success and fulfilment, so you have to become aware of where your mind takes you. Where focus goes, energy flows. So we want to make sure that the focus that you Create is moving you in the right direction. The direction where you win in your personal life and in your business life.

With this focus you will boost your confidence, your self-esteem, your immunity, your energy and your money. Take this energy to enhance your business or in any way you want. Go further, faster and stronger without breaking down.

Health or Wealth? Or Both?

Many high achievers sacrifice their health for their wealth. A stupid strategy because it’s not difficult to have both all the way through your life. 

Why would you choose to damage your physical or mental health when just a few changes that can be easily fitted into a busy lifestyle could guarantee you both Health and Wealth plus a life of miracles?

We want to be making lifestyle choices that enhance our immunity to protect us from a cold, a flu, a virus, a symptom or an ailment. When we are giving our body what it truly needs, then our own bodies defence mechanisms go up, our immunity goes up and suddenly we are protected at super, super high levels, so we can put high demands on ourselves without breaking down.

There are two types of physical illness. 

There are the virus and bad bacteria diseases that you can catch if you come into contact with the pathogen (any organism that can produce disease, also known as a germ), at a time when your immune system is low. These pathogens may thrive in water, food or in the air, and sometimes you can do very little to avoid coming into contact with them.


And then there are the modern lifestyle driven illnesses that you don’t CATCH. YOU give them to YOURSELF by assaulting your own body with your lifestyle choices.

I’m talking about:

Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, auto-immune conditions, cancer, etc.

You can’t CATCH any of these, so if you live your life well, you will almost certainly never suffer from them.


So, let’s talk about changing that lifestyle and Supercharging your performance.

Quick Skip’s Tip

Have a live green juice every day

Have a live smoothie every day

Eat a live salad every day

Fresh vegetable soups are great 

Snack on nuts, dried fruit, chopped carrots, celery , humous, etc.

Simply check out the videos on our YouTube channel at Skip Archimedes to see how quick and simple these are to prepare. If you subscribe then you’ll receive videos as soon as we release them.


Life is about the journey and the destination. With correct nutrition we can create the balance and the alignment on the journey whilst performing at super high levels, so that we arrive at the destination we choose in great condition and in good time.

Your physical body is made up of anything from 50 to 100 trillion cells. (Many of them are single cells like bacteria, which are helping to keep you healthy). That’s a lot of cells and each one of them is like a mini-universe within itself. But imagine each one being like a factory, and they’re all working on different processes to enable you to experience the life you want. Each of those cells needs specific nutrition to do its job. It also needs water, oxygen (which are also nutrients of course), and a means of disposing of the waste it creates.

If you don’t give your cells what they need, they will eventually turn on you. In that direction lies disease, breakdowns and early death. So it makes sense to feed your cells and your body what they need.

People say to me all the time “but you know we break down when we get older Skip, that’s what happens when you age” and I say, “no, that’s what happens when you become toxic or your body is lacking something it needs, such as nutrients, oxygen and water.”  We should ALL be aiming at “Living Forever Young” You can read about this more in my international best-selling book ‘Living Forever Young’.


Your mind may be thinking now “Oh, I eat healthy, good quality food.” 

Well here’s the challenge in today’s world. Even if we eat healthily and our food is colourful, with the energy of the Sun and the planet, and has weathered different seasons, that food is much lower in nutritional value than it used to be. The Earth Summit Report puts the nutritional content of the soil today as low as just 5% to 20% of what it was 100 years ago.  

The minerals have been drained from the soils because of fast crop rotation, all the herbicides, pesticides and fungicides we use, and all the acid rain caused by industrialisation. Everything we are doing as a human race that is basically out of alignment with nature has made us like parasites on the planet.

Even though we have reduced the quality of our food dramatically, we must still eat as many natural, whole foods as possible. But that lack of essential minerals has to be made up somewhere for the good of our cells, our health and our immunity.

That’s one of the reasons why I created Supercharge Superfoods.  They can make an enormous difference to the amount of good nutrition you can get into your body even if, like me, you eat a brilliantly healthy diet. Just one spoonful of our supercharge synergistic blends gives you more nutritional value than most people get in a week.

Can you imagine if you put these special combinations in your body every single day? 

What’s going to happen to your thoughts? 

What’s going to happen to your immunity?

What’s going to happen to your energy?

What’s going to happen to your focus?

What’s going to happen to your results?

What’s going to happen to your body?

Of course all of these essential elements of your success are going to improve massively. I don’t go a single day without them and if I ever run out of them because I’m on the road for longer than expected, I soon know all about it.

Be aware that health and energy are not things to be bought or fought for. They are your birth right. Unless you are very unlucky, you were born with perfect health and good immunity.

It’s simply your lifestyle choices (and maybe those of your parents on your behalf) that have damaged them both and left you susceptible to illness, whether physical or mental. 

 It’s actually perfectly NATURAL for us to be protected from illness.

I’ve scoured our wonderful planet putting together the formulas for our products, finding the best ingredients and technology from the best places around the world, so there are no fillers, there are no bulking agents, there are no additives, no heat pressing, no isolated nutrients; there are no nasties in our products whatsoever. 

You will read and hear that health supplements can be a complete waste of money, and that is true for 98% of the products on the market. That is because they are put together and sold purely for profit. Skip Archimedes is part of the 2% that actually cares about your health and wellbeing.

The other day I listened to Greta Thunberg telling the Governments of the world that they had betrayed an entire generation of children over Climate Change and saying that the children of the world would have to take responsibility if the Governments and adults wouldn’t. 

In the same way, our Governments have totally mis-handled the Covid situation globally, with few exceptions, so we, the people, as individuals, have to start taking responsibility for our own lives, health and prosperity.

Getting the right nutrition to start rebuilding our immune systems is one easy, but critical step in that process. And it IS possible.

Many ancient civilisations knew that your gut is your second brain and it’s true. You can be eating healthy food and still have an unhealthy gut. Guess why? If you don’t have the right variety of microbes (bacteria) in your gut, those nutrients are not broken out and don’t end up in the blood stream. If the nutrients don’t end up in your blood, the whole thing is a waste of time, because as your heart beats it pushes oxygen, water and nutrients to every single cell in your body within your blood. But without them, your blood is going to be empty of those nutrients and the cells that need minerals, vitamins and other goodies like live enzymes are not going to get what they need. So your cells are going to break down, and this is the start of illness. We don’t want you breaking down; we want you breaking through to become the best version of yourself. 

In spite of being an incredible medical advance, one of the greatest harms ever done to the immune system is Antibiotics. It used to be that they were always paired with a probiotic. Why? Because an antibiotic does not differentiate between GOOD and BAD bacteria. It just kills them all. Good bacteria outnumber Bad ones by millions to one in a healthy gut and they make up an essential part of our immune system, so having killed off the infection, the antibiotic leaves us unprotected until the gut biome can recover. This can take a long, long time. The probiotic used to help that process, but now the medical profession doesn’t tell us about that, or re-supply our gut biome. Call me an old cynic, but profit motive probably comes into that scenario somewhere.

You will see a little later, what we have done to help redress that imbalance with our Probiotic Power powder. 

I am a living breathing version of what is truly possible when we give the mind and the body what it needs. Great nutrition is the perfect starting point.

I have some of the world’s top athletes come to me direct to get on our Supercharge Superfoods. I have some of the world’s top CEOs come to me to get on our Supercharge Superfoods. I have celebrities come to me to get onto our Supercharge Superfoods and its great you’re reading this because I’m going to make you an offer which I hope is a no brainer. It’s definitely one of the best things that you could invest in at the moment to protect and supercharge yourself and your loved ones at the highest levels. So please click the link at the bottom  and select which package is best for you. 

I hope I’ve given you some really valuable information about them and why they can improve your performance and enhance your life.

Supercharge Essentials

This is the absolute minimum if you want to get protected and Supercharged. This pack contains a synergistic blend of alkalising superfoods that we call Alkaline Protein, a chocolate synergistic blend called Recovery Mix, plus the world’s favourite “superfood”, Chlorella. 

All of these products create alkalinity in the body and we now know that disease cannot live or manifest in an alkaline environment.

The 1st upgrade is:

Supercharge Premium

If you want to go to a higher level, you need to understand that you cannot be healthy without having a healthy gut. 

For this reason, I’ve added in my Probiotic Power powder to this bundle to provide the protection described earlier.

Supercharge Elite

is the next package up. Now if, like me, you really want the best, this is the package for you. I make sure my family members and all my top clients are routinely taking our Supercharge Elite program. For that we add in a few extra products for total protection and nourishment at the highest level. Because what’s here in the red, green and blue tubs ARE NOT NORMAL SUPPLEMENTS, as I’ve already explained.

They are:

Feel Great Multivitamin & Mineral which keeps you going throughout your busy days.

Multi Protection Antioxidants with coenzyme Q10 which protects you from harmful free radicals.

Magic Magnesium which improves nerve and muscle function. 

We have this unique technology called the Superfood Matrix Delivery System. This works to deliver each nutrient to exactly where it’s needed within you, serving you at the highest of levels.

This is taking you to the next league of nutrition, so it just depends on what league you want to play in when it comes to health, energy, vitality and immunity. For me it’s my number one investment and that’s why I put these products together really for me, my loved ones and all my top clients. 

Click the link below to join me on this journey to greater prosperity and a life of miracles.

I really look forward to hearing your success story on how our Supercharge Superfoods have helped you and your loved ones at super super high levels to get the results you deserve in life. Drive your body on superfood superfuels and you’ll soon be driving that Lamborghini through life.

Use this link to select either

Supercharge Essentials

Supercharge Premium or

Supercharge Elite


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