Presidents’ Day: Most Googled questions about George Washington revealed

  • ‘How did George Washington die?’ (174,600) and ‘how tall was George Washington?’(118,200) are among the most Googled questions about George Washington
  • Many are curious about his tenure as president, so Google questions such as ‘when wasGeorge Washington president?’ (93,600) and ‘how old was George Washington when he became president?’ (36,000)
  • People are also fascinated by his general life, so Google questions like ‘where was GeorgeWashington born?’ (94,800) and ‘when was George Washington born?’ (61,200)

To mark Presidents’ Day today (Monday 15th February 2021), have focused on the iconic man the day celebrates and honours, George Washington analysed global search volume data from online analytics tool Ahrefs to discover the most Googled questions about George Washington.

Presidents Day: Most Googled Questions about George Washington 
RankQuestionAverage Annual Online Searches for QuestionAnswer
1How did George Washington die?174,600Throat infection
2How tall was George Washington?118,2001.88 m / 6 Feet 2 Inches
3Where was George Washington born?94,800Westmoreland County, Virginia, United States
4When was George Washington president?93,60030th April 1789 – 4th March 1797
5When did George Washington die?74,40014th December 1799
6When was George Washington born?61,20022nd February 1732
7How old was George Washington when he died?54,60067 years old
8How many terms did George Washington serve?45,600Two full terms
9How old was George Washington when he became president?36,00057 years old
10Where is George Washington buried?33,600Mount Vernon, Virginia, United States
11What party was George Washington? 22,800Federalist Party
12Where did George Washington live?21,600Multiple locations (including Philadelphia, New York, and Virginia)
13How old would George Washington be today?4,650289 years old (2021) found that the most Googled question about George Washington is ‘how did George Washington die?’, with an astonishing 174,600 online searches a year – the equivalent of 14,550 searches per month. The answer to the question is a throat infection, more specifically a throat infection/condition called Quinsy. 

In second position, a significant number of people throughout the year are keen to find out ‘how tall was George Washington?’, with the question being asked online an average of 118,200 times every year. George Washington was 1.88 m / 6 feet 2 inches in height. 

‘Where was George Washington born?’ is the third most Googled question about George Washington, with an average of 94,800 online searches per year. Westmoreland County in Virginia (United States) is where George Washington was born.

Interestingly, a lot of people also have various questions about his tenure as the first ever president of the United States, as evident by these online searches: 

  • In fourth place, 93,600 online searches a year for ‘when was George Washington president?’. The answer: 30th April 1789 – 4th March 1797.
  • In eighth place, 45,600 online searches a year for ‘how many terms did George Washington serve?’. The answer: Two full terms.
  • In ninth place, 36,000 online searches a year for ‘how old was George Washington when he became president?’. The answer: 57 years old. 
  • In eleventh place, 22,800 online searches a year for ‘what party was George Washington?’. The answer: Federalist party. 

On the other end in 13th place, there are 4,650 online searches each year for ‘how old would George Washington be today?’. People will be amazed to know he would be 289 years old in 2021. 

Notes to Editors: 

Online search data for research collated from Ahrefs and all online search volumes in this research represent average annual online global search volumes.

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