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The S J Global Investments’ Young Apprentice 2020/21 Program will now proceed to the  next phases with the company revealing its 7 semi-finalists out of hundreds of applicants.  The company started the S J Global Young Apprentice programme to encourage  entrepreneurship and excellence amongst youth. The entire team at S J Global Investments  can pat themselves on the back, considering how far the program has come. 

Reception for the competition was phenomenal. Thanks to coverage from our friends in the  media for the support and encouragement. S J [Global] was inundated with hundreds of  applications. We also recorded the highest amount of traffic on our website as a result. It  was not easy to shortlist our semi-finalists; however, we believe these bright sparks  exhibited the most creativity, determination, and emotional balance out of the bunch,” said  Neil Walsh, Group Managing Director of S J Global, and member of the executive panel. 

The semi-finalists are Aaron King, who presented a compelling property and construction  proposal and a possible game-changer for future generations; Deanna Rapley, the owner of  Inama Hair, a soon-to-be-launched hair and beauty booking platform; Christina Banjo, a  potential disruptor in the luxury goods and fashion markets, and Dione Tonkin, a fashion  entrepreneur that aims to empower the streets with her brand, Larousse. Other names on  the list are Kamran Miah, a digital marketing entrepreneur, Francis Innocent, a fashion  entrepreneur, and Kareem Lewis, an intelligent real estate professional. 

We are going to host a Zoom in the upcoming weeks to explain stage 2 to all semi-finalists  and answer and questions they might have. The semi-finalists are required to submit a  Business Plan, Cash Flow Forecast, and a short video explaining why the executive panel  should pick them for the final in March 2021 (TBC). We’ll be looking closely at their business  vision, resource management, networking, and negotiating skills.” – Paul Van der Hulks,  Chief Executive Officer of S J Global. 

The executive panel will select three finalists at the end of February 2021. The winner of the  competition will get an in-kind £50,000 prize, which will be used for establishing their  platform in London with the opportunity to work, train and travel within the S J Global  network of companies worldwide. 

For more information about the S J Global Young Apprentice programme and other initiatives  from the investment company, please visit – https://sjglobalinvestments.com/. S J Global  Investments can also be found across several social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter

Did you enjoy this article and find it helpful? Why not share it with your social media network below?

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