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  • Manchester is the best city to live in to be an influencer, amassing 1,625 total points in the index!
  • Birmingham is the city with the highest number of average monthly regional search volumes for ‘Instagram’, with 201,000!
  • Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Glasgow are all ranked within the top 10 cities.
  • Belfast is the 10th best city to live in to be a successful influencer, with only 351 points.
  • You’re least likely to be a successful influencer in Birkenhead (13 points)

As social media usage continues to rise and dating shows like Love Island pave the way for social stardom, a new social celebrity has become the norm: the influencer. And although becoming an influencer is no easy task, sometimes success can be largely pinned down to location and the chances of getting noticed.

Interested in exploring this, experts at BroadbandDeals.com analysed the most populated cities in the UK for a range of factors relating to the needs of influencers. These factors comprised of the availability of free Wi-Fi, the number of Insta-worthy landmarks in the city, average monthly regional search volumes for ‘Instagram’ from Google, how many posts the city as a hashtag has accumulated on Instagram, and how many fellow influencers currently exist in the city.

Using this index, BroadbandDeals.com can reveal which are the 10 best UK cities to live in as an influencer*!

Top 10

Manchester ranks as the best city to be an influencer in, with 1,625 total points! Manchester has the highest number of fellow influencers (67), and the largest number of free Wi-Fi spots – 1,388! The large number of free Wi-Fi contributed 27 points to the total score, whilst influencers contributed 33 points.

Liverpool lands in second place with 1,435 points. Liverpool received 13 points for the number of fellow influencers – there are currently 26 major influencers living in the city.

The third best city to live in to be an influencer is Edinburgh, with 972 points. With 797 free Wi-Fi spots in the city, they were awarded 8 points. Edinburgh has the highest number of landmarks (273), which resulted in 18 points!

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In fifth place is Glasgow (744 points), in sixth is Bristol (614 points), and in seventh place is Leeds with 572 points.

Cardiff lands in eighth place with 387 points. Cardiff only gained 8 points from fellow influencers, and 6 from free Wi-Fi availability.

The ninth best city to be an influencer in is Sheffield, with a total of 382 points. Sheffield has 441 free Wi-Fi spots, which earned them 8 points.

Finishing off the top 10 is Belfast, who gained 10 points for free Wi-Fi availability, 8 for fellow influencers, 6 for the number of landmarks, 4 for average monthly regional search volumes for ‘Instagram’, and 323 points for ‘#Belfast’. Their total score is 351 points.

In 15th place is Preston (93 points) and in last place is Birkenhead (13 points).

Best City in Europe to be an Influencer

This study by BroadbandDeals.com further revealed that London is the best city in Europe to be an influencer! London scored 4,196 points. In second place is Paris, with 3,320 points, and in third place is Moscow with 1,661 points.

For the full results, and more information, please see the blog post:


BroadbandDeals.com looked at the 20 most populated UK cities, and then excluded London from official UK rankings.

  1. BroadbandDeals.com analysed registered influencers on influence.co to find out how many influencers are in each city. * ‘Influencer’ is defined as an account that has between 5,000 and 1 million followers.
  2. They then examined each city on TripAdvisor and counted the number of registered “Sights & Landmarks”.
  3. Free Wi-Fi availability in each city was then extracted from https://www.wifimap.io/.
  4. Regional search volumes were collected from a Google AdWords analysis.
  5. Instagram related data was excavated from https://www.instagram.com.
  6. The above criteria were assigned a value in the scoring system determined by their importance and relatability to being an influencer, thus forming an index.
  7. The points were then tallied up using this basic formula, [number] / [worth of one point] forming a scoring system and total points for each criteria.
  8. The scoring system is as follows: 1 point per free 50 Wi-Fi hotspots; 1 point per 15 landmarks on TripAdvisor; 1 point per 10,000 hashtags for the city

All data was collected on 03/02/2021 and is correct as of then.
We really hope you find this release useful. If you do end up using it, we would very much appreciate a link to https://www.broadbanddeals.com/ who commissioned the data. A linked credit allows us to keep supplying you with future content that you may find useful.

Did you enjoy this article and find it helpful? Why not share it with your social media network below?

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